The Wedding Party    

Mitchell and Julie Kraus
Parents of the bride

Mitchell and Julie met in Chicago in 1978. Walking out of a movie Mitchell spotted the most beautiful woman ever and, as he tells it, proceeded to sing, "There she goes just a walkin' down the street..." to win her heart! They currently live in Potomac, Maryland and are the busiest retired people we know.

David and Gloria Mills
Parents of the groom

David and Gloria met at South Dakota State University. After he convinced her to marry him (and head to the deep south for grad school), they moved to Wisconsin where Cortney and his siblings grew up. They are now back in South Dakota and stay busy with their many animals including sheep, rabbits, and chickens.


Amanda Mills | Bridesmaid and sister of the groom

Amanda is Cortney’s younger sister. She shares our love of parks and actually works for the Midpeninsula Open Space in the San Francisco Bay area. Allison is thrilled to have Amanda as her new (and first) sister!



Jenny Tucker Schneller | Bridesmaid

Allison and Jenny have been friends since meeting in preschool, and at the Kraus house Jenny is affectionately known as Girl #2. Over 25+ years of friendship they have staged countless plays, broken one arm and one car bumper, survived spring break in Cancun, backpacked through Europe, and made countless trips between New York and Miami to be together.

Stef Lenahan | Bridesmaid

In 2006 Stef and Allison, both new transplants to Miami, were set up on a blind friend date. The two have been inseparable since. Both ladies have been lucky enough to find a Wisconsin boy, which has meant many brat-filled weekends spent cheering on the Packers with John and Cortney.


David Kraus | Groomsman and brother of the bride

David is Allison’s little brother (little in age more than size) and best friend. Only 18 months apart, the two have 30 years of goofy stories and shared memories and can perform the entire Les Miserables soundtrack. David is a wrestling coach, so former-wrestler Cortney took an instant shine to him.

Tim Weber | Groomsman

Tim and Cortney grew up together in the very small town of Cleveland, Wisconsin. After college Cortney briefly lived in Chicago with Tim and his very accommodating wife Tara. Cortney jumped to warmer climates, but Tim and Tara are still in Chicago and have added an amazing son Miles to the family.

Alex Mills | Groomsman and brother of the groom

Alex is Cortney's younger brother. Despite being eight years younger, he hung out with Cortney and Cortney's friends throughout childhood, quickly growing wiser than his years! Alex lives in South Dakota and graduated from our parents' alma mater, South Dakota State.


Adam Cappel | Usher

Adam and Allison first met on a Miami kickball field and became close friends despite Allison’s lack of athletic talent. Adam is one of our dearest friends. He is always up for fun, be it Allison’s 30th birthday cruise or a Packers game in Baltimore, and eager to wear a ridiculous costume.

Laurie Ford | Usher

Laurie is one of Cortney’s first Miami friends, meeting in the Whittier apartment building where Cortney lived in a 375 square foot studio. Today Cortney and Laurie are both homeowners and Laurie is the favorite aunt of our dog, Sadie. Sadie eagerly looks forward to our travels since it means a chance to be spoiled by Aunt Laurie.


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